What we can learn from a tree by Sharon Siverly

What a beautiful message!


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I have a thing about trees. I absolutely love them!! One of my previous lives must have been lived as a Celt. Trees were sacred to them. I feel the same. I have dozens of tree pictures around my house. There was this ancient Oak north of town that was absolutely gorgeous. I would make special trips up to sit with her. Her canopy was 150ft across and she was so wonderful. As I was taking pictures of her one day (I took a lot of pictures of her) The Deva of the tree let me take her picture! I felt so honored.

Trees are beautiful, They are strong. They are wise. They are eternal, and they provide us the air we breathe! I love how if you leave them alone they take the shape of the leaf they produce. Did you know that conifers do not start to produce…

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