Happy Monday!


Good evening Peeps!

So, we had to replace our trampoline yesterday. A sweet reminder that NOTHING is Bear and Lucky proof!!

This is our last week of Summer holidays and Lucky and Monkey is making the best of it jumping in the rain. Lucky refuses to wear a coat as usual!! Mouse is helping Daddy cook and Bear is playing chess!! Honestly, I taught him to play chess three weeks ago and he has not stopped playing. He plays on the iMac, iPad, and everybody in the family!! Even when our friends stop by they are asked to play a game or six!

Bear’s report came back that he is Autistic. I am so glad we finally had him diagnosed, because now we can get him the help he needs at school and at home. I will write a separate post to tell Bear’s story…

Lucky’s assessments came back inconclusive so he’s being assessed again tomorrow. And after a play date with a very special boy last week made me wonder if we shouldn’t see if Lucky wants to go to school so we’re looking at some Montessori schools for the next couple of weeks. Who knows, perhaps Lucky is ready to spread his wings a bit. This could get very interesting 😁

We hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

Love to all!


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