Back To School Bravery 

Bear has the most amazing teacher and he just loves her. He is coping so well with all the excitement at school, but when we pick him up he just crashes and he is very attached until bedtime. Seeking as much input from me. Having meltdowns about everything and he is really struggling to regulate. I wish we still had the swimming pool we had in South Africa so the boys can have a good pool session before homework, dinner and bedtime to help regulate them from the day’s taxing input.

This week we are meeting with the school staff to discuss Bear’s special educational needs so we can hopefully help him regulate throughout the day so he doesn’t keep it all in only to explode when he feel safe at home.

My little Monkey who always have to be so strong for his siblings is enjoying being back at school where he can just be a little boy, learning and playing without being such a responsible older brother always looking out for his Autistic brothers and baby sister! When Lucky had a meltdown in his classroom with all his new classmates around him, Monkey was just so brave! Now you have to appreciate it from my point of view because Monkey is built quite small and Lucky is build quite stocky and he is very strong, especially when having a full blown meltdown. Our precious little Monkey just walked up to Lucky and I and took Lucky and gave him a big, tight, hug and ten explained to his new teacher that it’s not Lucky’s fault he is acting like this, Lucky just doesn’t understand why his brothers have to stay at school. And little Mouse just picked up Lucky’s toys he threw down. Monkey is only in Yr1 and he is so responsible and protective! A truly amazing soul and I am so privileged to be his Mommy.

Life is sometimes hard, but God made sure that the six of us were together… And with a big deep pressure hug, a little bit of patients, a LOT of acceptance and love, it is all better again! Thank you Monkey for being so brave and teaching everybody around you to be patient with your little brother.

Mummy and Daddy is so proud of you all!


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