Lucky’s Daddy

Good evening Peeps! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend with your loved ones.
Team Lucky did a lot of resting after a very hectic week at school, plus Lucky Daddy is running a half marathon for the first time in 7 years for Macmillan cancer awareness. 
Lucky’s Daddy is awesome!!! And he cares for all of us so selflessly! 

He has a big dream! A dream to become a writer…. So I’m trying to get Daddy’s book a bit more exposure, and to do that I thought I would enlist our Peeps following our blog 😊

I’m looking for 25 lovelies to read and review Daddy’s first hilarious book he ever published of a dad’s perspective of (non-autism) parenthood. He wrote this book when we only had two boys and a Basset so a lot has changed for us! 

Reviews on Amazon and Mumsnet would be appreciated, but reviewing anywhere you buy books would also be great! 

Please mail me at Chantell dot Roberts at gmail dot com if you’re interested in reading and reviewing and I’ll post off a FREE paperback book for you to enjoy. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all. 

Love to all ❤️



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