Inflexible Thinking!!!!

Bear ❤️

Autistic Genius

The problem that I often come across is that my thinking is very rigid or inflexible. Now we cannot mistake this as stubborn, this is when something has been put into place or something that someone has told us that may of changed. When this happens our tunnels, in which our visions of the world travel through, explode and we frantically try to rebuild them.

When there’s a sudden change this requires some imagination but not necessarily creative. This is more problem solving aspect to imagination.

Autistic people like myself may not forward think/think ahead and this is where we struggle with organisation. Me personally I couldn’t run a bath, neuro-typical are able to imagine the many possible outcomes to something and create many contingencies. I and other people with Autism may be unable to imagine the many possible outcomes.

Also with the tunnels we like to keep moving in…

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