Personal Hygiene… How To Help

WOW! What a great post!! With two Autistic boys we have many, many, many of these problems!! I won’t go into too much detail. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful advise!!


Hey, Fingerprints I am back again with a brand new blog and today I want to talk about quite a personal subject matter for most of you. Personal Hygiene. It’s not something that is talked about a lot when you are thinking of a person on the spectrum, but for some families it can be a real challenge. But it shouldn’t have to be so hard. The reason your child or adult with autism may have difficulties with personal hygiene may be down to a number of factors which culminate under two headings. Physical and Social.

Firstly let me discuss the physical problems associated with personal hygiene and please bare with me there are a few.

Sensory problems / Physical Problems

For a teenager with autism, keeping clean can be surprisingly uncomfortable. Here are a few common problems, along with how to help.

Problem 1. Touch. There are some people…

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