Happy Weekend Peeps!


Little Lucky has been working so hard!! he’s definitely having a good couple of weeks work wise! He just wants to learn and explore all the time 😊

This week we also discovered that Lucky knows which way to go to get home. He clearly says: “Nope Ma, not dis way! Turn left!”. Our clever little chap! Lucky never really regressed like Bear often does, but he hits noticeable plateaus and then jumps miles ahead developmentally. Sadly, this pattern is inconsistent, just so he can keep us on our toes 😜

Even though Bear and Lucky are both autistic, Team Lucky experiences every day how unique every individual is! And how unique their abilities and needs are!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, or whatever is left of it 😁

We are just relaxing and soaking up the wonderfulness of our four beautiful angels, each uniquely amazing in their own way!

Lots of love to you all!



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