Unspoken Struggles

Nobody tells you about all the physical struggles that their kiddos go through. Well at least not until you know what to google for.

Four years ago I never thought I would still be doing the “Lucky did a doodie” dance in four years time. Only now we do the doodie dance because Lucky holds on to his doodies for 6 weeks at a time. We’ve been told that it’s quite common for ASD kiddos who just hates the thought of doodie leaving their bodies. It’s like part of his body is leaving and he doesn’t understand why.

We learn new things everyday and if there is one thing my two autistic boys have taught me is I will never stop learning how they see the world. I will never stop trying to help them. I will never stop seeing the beauty is who they are. And I will never stop celebrating EVERY SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT! No matter how big or small!



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  1. I love how positive you are! That is a wonderful gift for your family! You’re doing a great job! 🙂

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