I love you Mummy…. Even if I can’t say it

The kiddos have been so sick again the last couple of weeks but they still just want to be out in the beautiful autumn sun! But out in the cold we are reminded all too well how difficult it is for our kiddos to communicate with us to relay their needs. As ASD parents we really need to read between the lines all the time to make sure that our kiddos’ needs are met, while guiding them to learn to communicate their needs to those caring for them at school when I’m not there to be their voice.

In house Lucky we have two opposite sides of the spectrum. 

Bear is very articulate, but he can’t tell you when he’s shirt is bugging him or when he’s feeling sick or his brain is hurting, and then there’s Lucky who still at age four have very limited verbal language. 

Even with Lucky’s limited speech He manages to say “I love ice cleam” or “I love bike” but he can’t say “I love you” or “I love Mummy or Daddy”….

But I can see the love, the unconditional love in their eyes every time he looks at me. And that is enough for me.



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