I Know You, I Made You


For my four amazing little angels….


Together we grew, together we learnt,

Shielding you, nurturing you, feeding you,

Every shimmer, every thought, I felt you,

We were one before I knew you,

I know you, I made you.


Wrinkles, tears, cries, and smiles,

Touch, and sense, fingers search,

Fall and I drop to catch,

Explore and my eyes guide you,

I know you, I made you.


Sneeze, wince, groan aloud,

Shivers in the rain,

Chill winds rattle your bones,

Turn to protection, I am there,

I know you, I made you.


Roam free, run wild,

Slide, swing, ride, and glee,

Need thee turn around, no,

Joy or pain, we share the same,

I know you, I made you.


Sweet dreams engulf, sleep,

Peace is the shelter I give,

Murmur, cough, or cry,

Wherever I lay, I always hear,

I know you, I made you.


Mummy loves you…


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      1. I do believe I now should of said.
        nothing more powerful than a good parents love, x

        Your husband certainly, has a way with words x

        I do hope you manage to get some rest Chantell
        Kind regards to you & your family x

    1. My wonderful hubby wrote it for me. I’m a bit low on energy at the moment because I haven’t slept very well for quite some time. Between the four kiddos they have been making turns in waking through the night, so hubby wrote me this beautiful poem, and he captured exactly what I feel. X

  1. Thank you so much for the kind wishes. If you like I can post you one of his funny books he wrote a few years ago. You can send me your postal address to: Chantell (dot) roberts (at) gmail (dot) com. We’re trying to market it for the first time so we’re giving books away to as many readers who are interested. Who knows, it might land in the right hands one day 😁 My hubby deserves to live his dream too!

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