Senses Working Overtime – autism and sensory overload

A glimpse into our world…. Two of our boys are autistic, but they have very different sensory needs and sensitivities.

The Autistic Hermit

I have to admit the whole issue of sensory overload has only come to my attention in recent years. The idea that an autistic child might find a particular classroom impossible to function in because the walls are too brightly coloured for example or find the combined sights and sounds of a fairground too much to cope with.

In trying to work out to what extent this had applied in my own life to date, I decided to go through each of the five senses and muse on the differences between simply not liking a sensation and the kind of crippling aversion that might affect the autistic.


SIGHT: When I read  (which I thoroughly recommend) one bit I didn’t identify with at all was when Aspie teenager Christopher Boone arrives at Paddington station for the first time only to find the visual onslaught of so many advertisements, shop hoardings and…

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