Dreaming – a poem written by my lovely daughter, Chelsea! Such talent, such a lovely young woman :)

WOW! Beautiful ❤️



The air is crisp and biting as it travels down into my lungs.

I hear the trees’ bare limbs creak and whine in their icy blankets.

The ground is cold and hard where the grass once tickled my toes.

I savor the brief few minutes of sun that warm my naked face.

I miss the smell of dirt and the sound of rustling leaves…

I miss the sound of heavy booted feet on rocky mountain paths…

I miss the long awaited cool breeze on a hot summer day…

I miss bird song, thunderstorms, and roasting marshmallows on the campfire…

But Spring will come again as it always does,

The sun will shine and the snow will melt,

The ground will soften and grass will grow,

The trees will wake and grow their new leaves,

But for now,

It is silent…

Everything is sleeping…



Dreaming of Spring…

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