Flu Vaccine: Worth the Risks?

We are not following the NHS schedule. And yes, Bear has asthma, and yes they get terribly sick because their immune systems are not as it should be, but cutting toxins as much as we can and diet changes are without a doubt the best “therapy” decision we ever could have made for our family. A very controversial subject, I know.

Autistic Genius

It’s flu season again.  The time I most dread.  Having a child with autism and asthma, I’m always terrified of making the wrong call.  I can never get the mercury free version (it’s always too hard to get, never available) and my son’s doctors always tell me I’m worrying about nothing.  But I’ve learned to question.  What if they’re wrong?  What if my son has a sensitivity to Thimerosol (the preservative in the vaccine that has small amounts of mercury in it).  I know I’m actually allergic to Thimerosol, as I can’t even use contact lens solution with the stuff without making my eyes puff and swell in retrobution.  Putting the stuff through my little kids’ veins is even more terrifying. 

 But then getting the flu and all the child deaths from influenza we hear about each year is equally terrifying.

 So what’s a parent to do?  Here’s a few…

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