My battle with being indecisive by Kelly Alston  

Lucky Mama needed to hear this today 😊

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Ever hit that snooze button, woke up only to realize you were an hour late for work? What if when you got to work, you then realized, you missed not only a staff meeting, but free Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee? Was the time really worth it, that you spent in your warm sheets, debating whether to get up or not? I absolutely adore Krispy Kreme, so that time I spent trying to make up my mind would have gotten me really upset.

Though this consequence with indecisiveness isn’t too bad, this battle has caused me to miss major opportunities for advancement because I was just unable to decide. The inability to make timely decisions has had a great impact over my progression in life, maybe you have experienced this as well. Although it’s wise to give thoughtful consideration when making a major decision, exactly how long is too long?

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