Happy Weekend!


Good morning Peeps!!

How diverse is our bunch! My nearly 7 year old boys’ favourite TV program is Octonauts, my 5 year old boy’s favourite is anything Elsa, my 4 year old boy STILL watches Teletubbies every single day!!! And my 22 month old baby girl LOVES Blaze and the monster machines.

Little Mouse blazes through the house with anything with wheels on. No pink dollies for this little girl 😜

This week Lucky has literally spent everyday, all day, building Legos! He has really grown so much in the last few months!

Bear and Monkey survived the first few days back at school and are working very hard on their parts for the Christmas play. And all four survived bonfire night at school. Barely! We had to run to the car straight after the fireworks for display. But we made it 😊

Oh, and we have had word from the LEA. They agreed to assess both Bear and Lucky for special educational needs!!! It only took 10 months and a LOT of independent reports, and we’ve finally gotten through to someone. Thanks for nothing Mrs. Pediatrician!! Perhaps Lucky will be going to school after all next September.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!!!

Love to all!

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