Need Some Advice Today…

I thought I would do something a little bit different today and reach out to my fellow Autism Mamas and Daddies!

Bear, our 6 year old has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. Bear hasn’t had a speech or development delay like Lucky, but he’s got severe social communication issues, sensory issues, as well other typical Autism traits. They did a cognitive test as well where he scored average on the verbal (i.e.; cultural ‘taught’) side and upper extreme on the non-verbal (i.e.: ‘not taught’ problem solving) side.

A lot was revealed by the Educational Psychologist with regards to how Bear struggles at school and we have learned a lot over the last few months. But at the time everything was so overwhelming that I didn’t even think to ask about Bear’s drawings. So, I thought I’d get my very capable Autism parent friends involved to try and troubleshoot Bear’s drawings 😊

For quite some time now I have been concerned about Bear’s drawings. I love drawing! And from when the kids were incy, wincy babies, I have been sticking crayons, pencils, and paint brushes in their hands. In fact, we use just about anything to draw and paint with. From rocks, mud, shaving cream, homemade food colouring, ANYTHING that can make a mark, we use!

I’m not really sure if I should be worried about Bear’s drawings, but something just doesn’t seem right. He’s ideas changes as he grows, but he doesn’t seem to be able to bring the whole story together on paper. To be fair, he is only about a month shy of turning 7 years. From what I’ve read, I don’t think Bear’s picture are that far off with regards to development. But the reason I’m concerned is because of Bear’s sensory struggles that is making coping with school so hard for him.

What stands out for me is that his proportions and placing of objects or people is still out. All Bear’s drawings of himself is usually floating in the air. But what I’m really worried about is he never draws any hands, feet, neck or ears. He always draws in one colour and he hardly ever colour his pictures in. If he does colour his pictures in, it would be rainbow colours. In the right order, of course 😊

I just recently heard that children who struggles with proprioception issues don’t draw their hands and feet, because of their struggles to sense movement within joints and joint positioning. Hence their difficulties to know where their limbs are in space without having to look.

It was also mentioned that children who doesn’t draw necks are not quite ready to write yet.

And when children keep drawing floating characters, after the pre-symbolism stage, that their spacial awareness issues are reflected in

I thought I would share some of the drawings.

This is a drawing of Bear walking Service Dog Gus:


This is Bear’s drawing of last night’s Bonfire night at school of a firework going off in the sky and him with all his friends watching. (He’s the figure with the smile 😁):


This is Monkey’s (5 year old) drawing of last night’s Bonfire night at school:


This is Bear’s South Africa vs. Whales rugby match:


This Bear’s Celts drawing from school:


It would be very interesting to hear what my fellow Mamas and Daddies think and what other kiddo’s drawings looks/looked like around this age.

Love to all!



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  1. What lovely drawings! I can’t help in regards to my sons drawings (he’s only four and it’s a struggle to even get a crayon in his hand) but I can totally relate to having a child with proprioceptive sensory issues. Hope you get some reassuring advice 🙂

    1. Thank you Hanna! I didn’t attach any of my four year old’s drawings because he’s still in the scribble stage. In fact, he doesn’t like drawing at all. His 22 month old sister draws all the time and their drawings look very similar 😔

  2. Chantell, his drawings are amazing. His drawings remind me of books by Eric Carle and Emily Gravett. Who knows, he might write or illustrate books like Mo Willems or the other authors that I have mentioned. I actually send C for Art lessons as I read it would help in penmanship and he shows keen interest. Developing the skills involved in drawing would help any kid I believe. Let his talent flow 🙂

    1. Ah, thanks Hunny!! Bear is so creative!! And he also just recently started playing the piano and LOVES it!! I am so proud of all four of them. They are such amazing little souls!

      I’m definitely going to look for some art classes today. Thanks for the tip 😀

      Have a FAB Sunday!!

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