A very lucky Christmas

Firstly, I would like to apologise to our online friends for going AWOL!  On 4th December Team Lucky moved into a new house which is situated in a beautiful little village in Hampshire, England.

This move was quite hard on Lucky. For two days after we moved, Lucky was crying for me to take him ‘home’ in the black car. I didn’t think that he would miss the old house that much. Obviously moving is not easy on any of our children, but we planned it so well, that 98% of the boxes were packed out within a week after we moved. Thankfully, lovely Nana & Grandpa came to help us settle in.

The older boys were so exhausted from preparing for the nativity play at school, that I don’t even think they noticed much. The nativity play was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed watching every minute of it. It was absolutely incredible to watch these little souls who worked so hard to perform such long lines, and long songs. I am so proud of them! School closed on 16th December and the boys were knackered to say the least. They have had such a busy term and they really deserved the break!

We celebrated my birthday this year on 19th with a few friends who came over for some curry, and some new neighbours joined us too, which was lovely! I’m not entirely sure where I come up with my bright ideas, but a dinner party a couple of weeks after a move was not the best idea for Lucky. He stopped eating for over a week and came down with the flu which since the 19th have been getting to all of us! Hectic fevers for three days. Poor Bear is suffering with it at the moment.

Poorly Bear 😔

And so, Christmas came. Mama’s birthday and Christmas at the same time is quite hectic for the kiddos to say the least. They were completely overstimulated! And very unsettled. Christmas in our house does not last long. About 30 minutes in the morning and then we rush to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible so the boys can regulate. In fact, we took the Christmas decorations down by 27th December and the entire mood in the house just calmed down.

Bear was on present duty this year!

Monkey was a little comedian as usual 🙂

Lucky LOVED his pressies!

Little Mouse was her gorgeous self!

Little Mouse’s birthday was shortly after Christmas and as sick as she was, she loved it because she was spoiled rotten by her amazing brothers.

image image image image image









































Lucky Daddy also said goodbye to another chapter in his career before Christmas, and is starting at a new company in the New Year, which we are all very excited about.

Team Lucky don’t do things halfway 🙂 If we make changes, it’s a LOT of changes, and HUGE changes!! All in all, I think we were very lucky! Things could have gone much worse than they did.

Now it is time to get ready for school again………. Bear is NOT looking forward to it, but that’s a whole other story.

What can I say, I am one BLESSED Mama!! Thank you God for my amazing family 💕

We hope you all had a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones!!

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