Thank You and All The Best For 2016!!

I would like to close this year off by saying a great big thank you to all our online friends for all your support over the last year. Since we started the website in January, we have come a really long way. We got Service Dog Gus for Lucky, with much advise from our Autistic adult friends, we had Bear diagnosed, and with a lot of support and guidance from you all, we submitted a request for an EHC Plan to establish the boys’ special educational needs.

We look forward to reading your blogs, and support you all in your en devours in 2016 and we look forward to reading all your stories and advice which we greatly appreciate!

With love, from Team Lucky!


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  1. Happy New Year to you too 😊 Yes, we are just about to embark on a tribunal adventure… Fingers-crossed! I’ll have a read through your blog this week as I’ve been mandown with the worst flu I’ve had in years! Chat soon xxx ☺️

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