Bear’s Assessment For EHC Plan Update


Of course we are so thankful for Hampshire LEA to assess Lucky for his special educational needs, but we we’re not so lucky to get them to agree to assess Bear. Our solicitor and all our expert witnesses disagree! It seems that Hampshire LEA thinks that it is good enough for a child to be “fine” at school or to “cope well”. Well, I’m afraid that is not good enough for us. This is our special boy who deserve to excel in school and be confident and thrive.

We were lucky enough to have found a fantastic school for Bear and Monkey when we moved to the UK last January, but even in a class where Bear is one of 11 kids, he still struggled. He constantly gets anxiety attacks because he doesn’t understand what is expected from him. He struggles with transition and any change. He becomes so sad because he is different and as he feels the other kids are “better” than him. It just breaks my heart!! His sensory issues is really getting in the way of his learning abilities and he needs OT on a daily basis. He struggles with self-regulation and he complains that his brain is hurting. But by far, his biggest struggles are at break time. Bear and Lucky’s got severe social communication issues and it affects Bear so much that he almost can’t function for the rest of the day. We are now in the position where little Monkey is spending every break time micromanaging Bear’s social time. It’s not really fair to any of them.

So, we now have a tribunal date set for May and there are Occupational Therapy, Education and Clinical Psychology and Speech and Language expert witnesses assessing him at the moment to prove to Hampshire LEA that he in fact does have special educational needs and he should be assessed to see where he needs help. He is also scoring quite high on the ADHD/ADD and ODD scales. Not to mention his literature delay.

Hopefully by the end of March we’ll know exactly to what extend Bear needs assistance.

We’ll keep you posted!!


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