Half-Term Fun!

So our half-term kicked off with Lucky being put back in a gluten diet by the pediatrician for three weeks so they can test for celiac. He is not a happy camper by the end of the day with sore tummy aches.. And we still have a week to go !! He now eat even less than he used to 😦

We still had loads of fun though while Bear and Monkey joined our home school for the week. Our theme is Dinosaurs!! Everybody loves dinosaurs!!!

We made dinosaur tails with our Toucan boxes! The boys now want to go as dinosaurs for World Book Day!! Lucky ME!! I’m still not sure what I’m going to whip up before then 🙂


We did loads of maths!! Lucky is doing so well!! And I see his inherited Bear’s gift with patterns and problem solving!!


Daddy did science experiments with the boys while Mummy had a nice nap with Miss Mouse so there is no pics to share there. But I did hear that they learned all about forces. Mass, gravity, friction, the boys are still telling everybody about it.

We’re learning to write and Lucky’s got such a good pencil grip. He’s colouring, doing mazes and cutting beautifully!! I am so proud of all his hard work and all the amazing progress he’s made over the last four months!!

We didn’t just work though!! We had tea parties, did practical life activities every day, built loads of puzzles and we started making our own timeline of our family after we learned about BC/AD!!


 And I am proud to say Lucky is toilet learning for the first time! He still has major anxiety with #2s, but he’s been dry of #1s for the first time ever!! He’s also dressing himself!!

We have certainly come a long way the last few months!!


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  1. Love all that positive interaction between children and adults. Nothing in public schools can equal it. Of course the ones who have the advantage you are giving have a head start on everyone. Congratulations.

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