Lucky’s Assessment For EHC Plan Update


Hello there Peeps!

It’s been a long time again…. Sorry! I’ve missed you all! But we have been running around like crazy!

Since I last posted about our experience with Hampshire local education authority (LEA) to get our boys assessed for special educational needs (SEN), a lot has changed. If you recall, both our boys got refusal for SEN assessment letters from Hampshire LEA, which was absolutely shocking since our boys have so many special needs.

Then our Educational Psychologist (EP) suggested that we read Special Needs and Legal Entitlement. We learned so much!! I recommend this book for anybody struggling with Special Educational Needs issues with the LEA. After reading the book, we immediately contacted the author and acquired her services.

With her advise we managed to convince the LEA to assess Lucky for special needs, and the assessment process kicked off the very next week. Thus far we have only seen a LEA EP, but I’m sure the rest of their team will be in contact with us shortly because the deadline for the assessment to be completed is 17 March 2016. Fingers-crossed Hampshire LEA recognises Lucky’s need. We have had a few of our online friends giving us a nudge for more info, so for those of you who are interested in the process, I will keep you all posted.

We have been struggling a bit with regards to mainstream named schools vs homeschooling, but I will write about all that in a separate post.






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