It’s Spring Time!


We are so excited about Spring! Not only because we miss the South African Sun, but also because we get to plant and grow our own food! The kids have been working really hard at making organic compost over the last few months and it’s finally time to get our fingers into Mother Earth again and plant our fruit and veggies. Admittedly, we need a small farm to feed us all, and it’s really this time of year where I miss the South African gardens. But still, we improvise. We plant vertically, and we even grow inside 🙂

Since Lucky was diagnosed with Autism, we are all on an organic diet and the children are completely gluten free, dairy free, soy free, yeast free. Our boys really struggle with their guts and since we have moved over to the limiting diet, their behaviour and hyperactivity have calmed down tremendously. But I must be honest, Mama and Daddy still sneak in crème fraiche and Stilton when the kids are in bed 🙂 Our guilty pleasure.

We teach our children the truth about GMOs, about saving the earth, and all the creatures in it. We believe that including them in these “responsible” issues from early on in life, they will learn to appreciate and respect Mother Earth and what she offers us!

Yesterday we went frog spawn hunting for our March Spring theme in our home school. The kids were super excited to learn that the oldest frog fossil found in Madagascar and was dated back to the early Triassic age some 250 million years ago. I think it’s still a bit too cold for the froggies to lay their eggs. We searched high and low, but came up empty handed. We’ll have to try again next weekend 🙂

We were even looking for fairies! Bear thought we were being really silly as he continued to record us all on his watch.

At least the kids got LOADS of heavy muscle work done. Heavy muscle work help with the boys’ proprioception difficulties. They built shades that helps them with coordinating and organising. Lifting the heavy logs helps with their low muscle tone and with their spacial and body awareness. Exploring the streams, and all the plants gave them loads of sensory input. After a good three hours, Lucky and Miss Mouse were finished! Freezing cold, soaking wet in their muddy boots and ready for a nice warm cup of almond milk with some lovely honey.

We are also expecting a shipment of silkworms. This should get interesting 🙂 And I’ll obviously we’ll keep you posted!



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