The raw truth…………

A Journey to Wholeness

This is inspired by a post that Chantell Roberts put on her site, http://wecalledhimlucky.com
It was originally posted on https://unstrangemind.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/aba/

My focus is “normal,” one of the most frustrating words in any language:

Normal is just an illusion;
Normal is only a disguise
For the fear of being different;
Unacceptable in others’ eyes.

Normal is a form of judgement,
Supposing to know someone’s soul;
Assumption of understanding
No sense of what it is to be whole.

Normal was just meant for research
A statistical term, that’s all,
But it came to mean something more;
That creates a formidable wall.

I say, “Let us tear Normal down,
And leave it in a great big pile.”
Where it weathers and turns to dust;
As we have time to heal for a while.

Let “normal” go back to research
As the tool it was meant to be;
Let bigotry and fear dissolve;

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