Mama Goes Back To School

Ok, it’s official. This crazy Mama is going back to school! I’ve finally enrolled for my Psychology degree. You may wonder what finally pushed me over the edge. As you all know, we have been waiting since last June to get a NHS diagnosis for Lucky and Bear. Lucky still has to wait for another 6-8 months and Bear has been discharged by the NHS without them even ever seeing them. He has not even seen a paediatrician, but he’s been discharged. Plus nobody thought it best to let us know that he was discharged either. Since we’ve raised the question, we have still not managed to get to the bottom of his discharge. The initial referral was sent in July last year.

Both boys have been diagnosed independently, but apparently the independent diagnosis means nothing in this country.  These vulnerable children need help with mundane tasks, not to mention their need for support to assist them with their learning difficulties whether the NHS has diagnosed them or not.

Call me daft, but if the NHS doesn’t have the resources to diagnose, why is the NHS not happy that some hard working, tax paying parents use their lifesavings to have their children diagnosed independently to get a better understanding of how to support them. It’s a joke really. The independent Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc all worked for the NHS. And in some instances, they do independent work even whilst still working for the NHS. But their opinion in an independent capacity is frowned upon! Come on Mr. NHS. Get with the program!!!

Anyway, I digress….  If the NHS can’t diagnose because they are “stretched”, and parents don’t have money to get independent diagnoses, they have to rely on charities. And charities rely on the good old people again to actually care enough about other people they don’t know with needs they don’t understand, to share their income to help them raise money to get children diagnosed to help them access support. Have you ever tried to fundraise for an invisible disability? It is a nightmare…. An Everest to climb, to say the least!! Hence the reason we need Autism Awareness Month.

So, I decided to start up my Psychology degree again because I want to help! I can’t bear the thought of one more family to wait as long as we have. For one more child who goes through life not understanding why they are different. For one more parent who doesn’t understand their child’s behaviour because their child has not been seen by the Doctors that we rely on. I want to make a difference!!!!

Here’s to the next chapter…. 4 years of studying at the ripe age of 39!! And an internship with no pay… But it will all be worth it!! I am pretty sure the NHS would not have made much more progress on their “waiting lists” by then.

Aaaaaaaand….. I say it again!! So much for early intervention!!


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  1. Chantell, it’s a blessing to have you as a mom. What you will do for your kids. I totally understand how you feel. Though we can’t help you read the books and pass the exams, our reading eyes, comfort words and out-of-this-world ideas are always here for you. Hugs! All the best!

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