The loved but forgotten

Bear and Lucky’s brother and sister definitely! But also the special friends that is so forgiving on the playground and the wonderfully patient teachers that gives so much!


I want to take a few moments to talk about the forgot ones who play such a huge roll in the life of an autistic person. The ones who never judge and always defends them against others. The ones who are and will always be there for them. They are forgiving. They grow up faster then they should have to. They sacrifice so much out of the love they have. Siblings, brothers, sisters, those amazing people who somehow are the forgotten.
I have come to sad realization that in the world of autism, and all the support that can come with it, no one seems to offer support for the siblings. They seem to be the forgotten when it comes to support. Why are there not support groups for them like there are for parents?? As a parent, it is stressful, I sometimes forget My daughters Autism isn’t just hard…

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