Little Miss’ favourite books (1-2 years old) {Little Bookworm 5}

There’s some brilliant ones here that Little Mouse LOVES too!!

Finding Our Feet


Little Miss has loved books since the get go. A bedtime story has been part of our evening routine since she was just six weeks old and we have a video of her at just ten or eleven months old sat in her tipi reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to herself. She never actually realises I’m there the whole time I’m filming.

I’ve written about her love books before (here) but as part of her birthday week (and seeing as today is World Book Day) I thought it was rather apt to share some of Little Miss’ favourites from the past year.

This list was really difficult to compile as a) she has so many books and b) she pretty much loves them all.

But these are the books that have stood out over the past year for us. These are the ones she consistently returns to, never, ever seems…

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