Bear’s Favourite Honey & Mustard Chicken On The Braai

I was going through my old recipes while Daddy is building legos with the kiddos and I can’t believe I’ve never posted this before. There is not a lot of food Bear loves to eat because of his oral sensitivities, but there are two recipes he will NEVER give up I’m sure!! The one is basil pesto pasta – of course!! And the other is his Mum’s honey and mustard chicken. I think this will probably be the first thing his partner will have to learn to cook one day when he meets somebody. He will eat this every day of his life, if I let him 🙂

However, we only have this every Sunday with our South African braais (BBQs) with proper South African boerewors. Although, I must admit, nobody makes South African boerewors  (sausage) like Heston Blumenthal! Oh boy, that man can make wors!! Apparently, only in the Summer though. I mean Heston and Waitrose, what is up with that?!?!?! I thought I’d share our honey and mustard chicken recipe quickly 🙂


12 Organic Chicken Thighs

1/4 Cup Organic Lemon Juice

2 Tbs Dijon Mustard

1/4 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

BIG squeeze Organic Honey

Organic Fresh Oregano, Rosemarie, Coriander, and Parsley


Mix all the ingredients the night before in a ziplock baggie, shake it all up and leave it overnight in the fridge. Then cook over an open braai with medium coals for 20 minutes turning occupationally. We cook our chicken over cooler coals because if we braai it too early on the skin gets charred and the kids give one look and won’t touch it. We speak out of experience 🙂

Hmmmm…… my mouth is already watering for tomorrow!!


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