Please Don’t Take Our Nurses

Spoons, Loons and Toons

Note:  All the answers to these questions are direct quotes from nurses who have spoken out about their experiences online – links to the relevant site are on their names – or are quotes from my friend the lovely Lady Kitty, who is a nurse.

It seems these days that the government is waging war on the NHS.  Jeremy Cunt Hunt was given the job of running it despite having written a whole book on how he wanted to dismantle it pre-election.  You’ve probably read a lot about the junior doctors contracts – if you haven’t then I wrote a blog about it myself – and how he unilaterally imposed a contract on them that is unsafe, unfair and will drive many talented doctors out of the country.  But you probably haven’t heard much about the damage he is doing to nursing by removing the current bursary scheme and replacing it with traditional…

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