Raising a dragon…Profile of a high needs baby

Munna, Baba & Me

A few days after Munna’s birth, I knew that he wasn’t an ordinary baby. I had always imagined that babies just lie peacefully in their cribs, happily gazing away at the musical mobile above on their cots. I thought I would easily be able to juggle studies, job and a family. But man was I wrong! Munna challenged that perception and he challenged it hard. Not only that, he has forced me to review my priorities in life and change my whole take on it. That we will talk about later but for now I want to say that I can’t thank enough for the day I stumbled upon  Dr Sears’ “The Attachment Parenting Book” .

So what is this High needs baby thing that I keep talking about. Dr Sears has described a High needs baby having the following features:

1) Intense

2) Hyperactive

3) Draining

4) Feeds Frequently

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