Autism Awareness: What We Really Need To Be Aware Of…

Well said Mama xx

Autism Awareness Month…every year it’s the same story…I change my profile picture to some mildly inspiring puzzle piece image, repost several informational blogs, and every once in a while write a list of blessings that Autism has brought into my life. Then April is over, and I go back to the daily awareness that is the reality of being a parent to a child with this disorder. An entire month dedicated to something that I’m deeply passionate about and yet…I feel nothing. Why do I keep doing this when I feel so numb?

Maybe I do this every year because I’m driven to somehow prove to the world that I’m a supportive parent. Caring way too much about what others think of me leads to a desperate attempt to be seen and heard in an area of my life that often leaves me feeling either harshly judged or completely invisible.

Maybe it’s the…

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