Breathing Tools for Children

Naturopathic Yogi

Breathing child

When working with children and their emotions it is a lot easier for them to learn while doing.  Breathing exercises are an excellent approach with children. I have successfully trained children with Heartmath©  and empower them to use heart coherence techniques whenever they feel overwhelmed by their emotions. The breathing exercises also work for children with mild autism spectrum disorder. In these cases, synchronized breathing helps to entrain and organize the children thoughts and balance the emotional level.

Here I present a short review of iPad® programs that teach children and adults about their emotions and how to breath for mind clarity. The programs were presented to me by my most successful breather pediatric patient, which I am eternally grateful for showing me how much he appreciates what breathing has done for him. The apps are free to download from Apple® store.

Settle your Glitter – In this game the kids name their feelings and how intense…

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