Teach SEN Like a Pirate #Tlap

Now that’s what I call passionate teaching!!!!

Special Needs Teaching and Education

One of my first discoveries through Twitter was Dave Burgess’s book Teach Like A Pirate, or #tlap as it’s known. Now I am a fan of pirates and need little encouragement to embrace Pirate culture I also love Lego pirates, a childhood obsession that my job lets me indulge in from time to time (but that could be a blog all by itself). Now unlike some ‘how to be the best teacher and teach better than anyone else books’ I believe Dave’s book is easy to apply in any setting and does not suggest anything that any teacher of SEN can apply.image

I imagine many of you are familiar with the concept of teach like a pirate but for the uninitiated landlubber there are 5 strands (ropes ha har) to this:

Passion – Dave states and I agree that students (and staff if you work as part as part of a…

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