My A-Z of autism 

First Time Valley Mam 

With April being autism awareness month I thought an A-Z would be a good idea. It’s taken me a good few days to finish this post, as it was slightly harder than I thought it was going to be! Some letters I could have put lots too, others I struggled with one. Maybe this time next year I’ll have different words for the a-z. Maybe I’ll try it again!


I think lots of people are aware of autism now, but are people actually accepting?


Even though Z is 3.5 now we’ve hit that babbling stage. The stage I was most looking forward to as a baby. I can listen to him babble all day long, and smile most of the time!

C - Copying.

Think he finally has what copying is. He’s just learnt to copy ‘aahhh choo’ and ‘oh dear’ …

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