What Being An Autism Mum Taught Me


I love this Meme is saw on Twin Mom. It made me think about what I ganed from being an Autism Mum. Becoming a Mum changes you. It changed your whole perspective of everything. How you view the world, business, finances, and what is important in life. You very quickly realise that nothing will ever be the same. When I first became a Mum I struggled. Big time! And I’m the first one to admit is. I struggled and I didn’t understand why it is so hard, when everybody else finds it so easy. Today I know why. It wasn’t my parenting that made my baby struggle and find everything so hard. It was Autism. The last 7 years was hard. But so rewarding. Being a Mum is the best job in the world and looking into your child’s eyes and feeling the most incredible love is better than any reward in life.

Being an Autism Mum taught me more than I expected while I was struggling so much in the early years. I have acquired many additional skills over the last few years that I believe greatly assist me in my career. To be fair. Four years ago, I felt I was drowning when my third boy was also diagnosed with Autism. My boys have taught me greater persistence when they don’t want to engage, finding alternative routes. Identifying and understanding their needs because they are not able to communicate effectively. They taught me to go out in the most volatile situations and fight for them to ensure their needs are met. I am certainly a far stronger person and believe that I am an asset in any organisation. Being an Autism Mum helps you be adaptable to the most dynamic environments. Autism teaches you patients, empathy and persistance.

Being an Autism Mum makes you stronger! We can go out and conquer the world!


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  1. Hello Chantell, I am iButterfly blogger. Nice to know you ! I am moving my blog and not sure whether it will generate a lots of notify emails. Sorry if it does. Support you ! BTW, I am a 37 years old mum with a little happy boy. I called him happy 🙂 Cheers

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