Of Make Believe and Daydreams: Why Creativity in Children is Important

Defying Shadows

Cops and robbers.

Dressing up as a princess.

Jumping from bed to bed to avoid falling into the pit of hot lava.

All of those were made up games I played as a child. Those were just a few of them too. As a child, I pretended all sorts of things. If there wasn’t a game to play, my friends and I would make one up. I spent hours pounding out stories on my parents’ old (really old) manual typewriter. I made up tales  galore.

You probably remember playing with Barbies or GI Joe and concocting scenarios: Barbie on a date with Ken or GI Joe on some covert fictitious mission.

As you’re thinking back to those times when you “played pretend”, you may be smiling. They were good, innocent, happy times.

Why is encouraging creativity in children important? I’m not a doctor or psychologist, but I was a child…

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