The Lucky family rarely change our menu. There are really only a few different meals we eat because of our sensory sensitive family. You must think B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!! But, with four kiddos and a Gus, our house is chaos at the best of times, and to top it off, there are some food sensitivities that we struggle with as well (which I write about in, so we rarely have the time or energy for kitchen adventures.

As discussed before, we try to follow a gluten free/and partly dairy free diet. We are not completely religious about the dairy; we use cheese sometimes and Daddy and Mummy still have enjoy yogurt, like in our Tzatziki for example. Moreover, we certainly do not follow a gluten free/dairy free diet under any misapprehension of curing Autism, because that is just not possible now, although we all hope for advancements in this area, along with all medical unknowns.

Moving over to a dairy free diet has been hard, because we all love dairy so much. However, dairy is meant for cows. And as much as we love it, we are not cows!!

95% of our recipes originated from Jamie Oliver (my culinary hero!!) and the other 5% is from Doves Farm. We have slightly changed the recipes to suit our family’s needs. With each recipe, I will give you the original recipe’s website in case you did not want to follow our alternative ingredients.

We try to make all our food ourselves and we only use organic produce. Obviously, we have only now started our own veggie garden again since we moved continents in the middle of winter.

And I must be honest, we buy our gluten free/Dairy free bread products. I have just NOT mastered the art of gluten free bread baking!! We made our own bread for over a year, which was incredible! The best smell to wake up to in the morning is a lovely freshly baked bread.




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