Questions People Ask Us

Q. How old is Lucky?

A. Too young to endure his predicament! Not even the number four hangs yet over his door.

Q. He is social and by definition [in my expert, unqualified opinion] therefore, he is not autistic.

A. Although we greatly appreciate all input our predicament leads us to place more faith in those people who have earned the right to decorate their business cards and email signatures with pretty letters after their respective name; those that begin with ‘M’ and ‘D’.

Q. Why do you not discipline him more? His behaviour in social situations will improve. A good spank when I was knee high to a grasshopper taught me respect, and would end all this nonsense (half-hearted attempt to point and gesticulate in some vague direction of Lucky whilst he ‘enjoys’ another meltdown).

A. See previous answer.

Q. How do you get Lucky to eat?

A. The ability to part the Red Sea, vanish hunger and poverty from the world, and explain Einstein’s Theory of Relatively all present easier challenges when it comes to such a simple explanation. Get Lucky to eat. No, no, no. Lucky Mama merely presents every conceivable dish known to man and then we rely on divine intervention to assist. Sometimes we get Lucky, others we do not.

Q. Why does Lucky insist on removing his shoes, regardless of situation, weather et cetera?

A. See previous answer. You convince him to play society conformism and we shall concentrate on Einstein’s theories.

Q. What happened in his life that caused the regression? What event sparked the ‘change’ and introduced Lady A to these shores?

A. Raising four children, whose current ages all stand at six and under, was proving not quite the challenge we had hoped for; so much free time and energy abound in easy street. Therefore, we felt it necessary to introduce a more challengingly situation, and pitch our parenting skills against a more worthy adversary. These days, we prefer to hold the magical event secret and selfishly refuse to share our miracle discovery with the world…

Q. Will Lucky ever talk?

A. Hope and love drive the days. The days become weeks, and these in turn, stretch into months, and eventually, years over the hill.

Q. Why does Lucky love the Teletubbies so much?

A. Find us a self-respecting student who does not. What is there not to love about four brightly coloured, overgrown teddy bears, who live in a land with tubby toast and a sun housing a smiling baby? Proof enough that Lucky, is in fact, as perfectly normal as the next child.


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  1. Oh, goodness. I love your answers, especially the one about eating. I am raising four gandchildren with FAS and eating has been a big problem for two of them because of sensory issues. Sensory issues are not always considered a big deal by caseworkers, but they feature a lot more in children’s lives than people realize.

    1. Two of our boys really struggle with sensory issues and it really influences their behaviour, school experience and every day life! And most people we know don’t really believe that sensory issues can have such a huge impact on a person. At least we believe it and now we can help our kiddos and grandkiddos of course 😉

  2. Chantell, thanks for the follow. It’s amazing what you do. My son is a picky eater too and for food he likes, he can eat them day in, day out. As I am Asian, I’m sure some of our daily menus that we cook for our families are different. If you’re keen to try out something adventurous, try this site, I use quite a few recipes there for C and he seems to accept them quite well.

        1. So exciting. I’ve never been to UK too. If ever we visit one another’s country, have to meet. Since C’s diagnosis, we’ve not taken the plane as he fears anything that causes him to feel imbalance like trains or even buses. But we’ll get there one day. I believe it!

  3. These were perhaps the funniest, snarkiest answers I have heard a parent give to “well-meaning” (ha) questions. I’m very impressed 🙂

  4. Hi Chantelle and thanks for deciding to follow my blog! You won’t know this from my “about” page – I am the lucky grandma to Anthony, a wonderful, loving and autistic child. He has his challenges, as do we all! I know you were sent so that I can more fully understand what his mom (my daughter) lives each day. I look forward to the learning process and to reading about your “Lucky”.

    1. WOW! Higher power at work here 😊 I hope you enjoy my posts about the good and bad times on our journey. The online autism community is my lifeline. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and hopefully your daughter too 😊

  5. Thank for for giving my blog a follow. You are actually my 400th follower, so I gave you a shout out in a post this morning. After taking a look at your blog, I think i will follow along in your journey too. Look forward to chatting with you more!

    1. Thanks Sweet Pea! How wonderful!! I’m close to 100 followers. And even 100 is quite an achievement for me so I can just imagine how 400 must feel. I’m so glad to be part of your community. And I’m really looking forward to getting to know you xx

      1. 100 is a great number and something to strive for. If you write from the heart and with passion, you cannot go wrong.

  6. Thoughtful and witty answers! Thanks for following my blog…I am now following yours as well. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you!

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